Burst Your Own Bubble

Who here hates airports?? The crowd…the rush…the smells…the waiting?! It’s terrible isn’t it?? Such a pain!

Yea, I am totally lying right now. I love them. Not only do I love them, I am IN love with them. Do you remember when we were kids and your friends would say, “if you love it so much why don’t you just marry it?” If I could, I would.  Airports may be one of my favorite places to be. I am an avid people watcher, and not just for the typical oddities you are guaranteed to witness. I find joy in watching others as they navigate their own lives. Ever notice we live in our own bubbles? We get OUR coffee so we can get on OUR plane that will take us to OUR final destination. Something about the way I am wired doesn’t work that way. Don’t misunderstand, I can have road rage with the best of them, but in airports…..I am different. I am on an adventure. An adventure that requires my ipod on and earbuds in because every great adventure has a soundtrack, right? I am never in a hurry, I like the feeling of the burst of air that hits me as people speed by me. (Airport runners are HILARIOUS!! It’s not really a run, more of a quick shuffle with their rolling suitcases fumbling behind! Oh God, I love that part!) I’m never in a rush, I prefer to be the last one on the plane. For two reasons, but the selfish one being if I am last on the plane it’s pretty much guaranteed my carry-on won’t fit and they will check it to my final destination for FREE!! (Come on, admit it…that’s genius)  The smells?? Well, the smells come and go…some good…some not so good. Call me weird if you like, but I like that part too. I don’t mind the wait. Waiting comes with life (wow, maybe adoption really was meant for me. #ImAProAtWaiting). Take a look around next time you are in an airport, there is so much life. People from all over the world traveling to places all over the world. In very few places can you find both grief and glee. People saying goodbye while others embrace hellos. You will find kids of all ages, some flying for the very first time. The excitement that comes in a child’s eyes as they get to sit in the window and watch the planes take off and land….Man, that gets me every time! 

This post has no real point. It has nothing to do with my faith, our adoption, or even my life. I just wanted to share the moment. I wanted to challenge you to do the same. I have only been traveling for about 4 hours and already I have met an elderly couple that have the exact same departure and destination as me. In one quick skytrain ride we talked about careers, adoption, and God.  I have been very aggressively complimented on my country accent (What accent?!). While everyone fights to find a seat with a charging station I watched a young girl give up their spot so an elderly couple could sit together. I love it. All of it. Next time you are traveling take a look around. Don’t get lost in your bubble, there is a big ol’ world right in front of you. 🙂

I have to go now. They are calling our flight to board and the lady next to me wants to read my blog as I type. Now that I think of it, maybe I will sit here a little longer! #WinkyFace



One thought on “Burst Your Own Bubble

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